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Power Enzyme

 Broad-spectrum enzyme. Speeds the digestion and removal of organic contaminants. Highly concentrated with less foam. Natural and biode...[Click to read more]

System Support

Increases buoyancy of organic materials in water. High powered oxidizer. Removes ALL chlorine and bromine from pool water. Compatible with a...[Click to read more]

PH up


Raises pH Fast dissolving granules Benefits: Corrects pH to provide comfort to users Easy to use application Can help protect pool equipment...[Click to read more]

PH down

Lowers pH and total alkalinity. Fast dissolving granules Benefits: Easier and safer to use than muriatic acid. Improves effectiveness of san...[Click to read more]

UV Shield / Stabilizer

Increases chlorine effectiveness Prevents unnecessary loss of chlorine due to the sun Benefits: Reduces chlorine consumption Most swimming p...[Click to read more]

Polyquat 60

Highly concentrated algaecide Contains no metals Effective against all types of algae pH neutral Non-foaming Not affected by elevated levels...[Click to read more]


Raises calcium hardness Pure flakes minimize clouding in pool water Benefits: Prevents long term damage to vital pool components Easy to use...[Click to read more]

3" High Tech Tabs

Advanced borate technology, produces higher chlorine efficiency Reduces pool operating cost. Offers enhanced swimmer comfort Causes less pH ...[Click to read more]

1" Pure Tabs

Stabilized chlorine protected from UV rays Pressed without gums or binders on high pressure equipment Benefits: Slow dissolving. Provides st...[Click to read more]


Raises total alkalinity. Quick dissolving; powdered Benefits: Prevents "pH Bounce" Prevents corrosion on fixtures and equipment Ap...[Click to read more]

3" Pure Tabs

Stabilized chlorine protected from UV rays Pressed without gums or binders on high pressure equipment Benefits: Slow dissolving. Provides st...[Click to read more]

ZeoSand™ Sand Filter Media

THE SUPERIOR ALTERNATIVE TO SAND - FOR BETTER FILTRATION & WATER QUALITY! Start using ZeoSand™ instead of sand in your sand filter...[Click to read more]

Phos Free Extra Strength

Quickly Reduces High Phosphate Levels PHOSfree Extra Strength is specifically designed for high level phosphate removal. It works on both th...[Click to read more]

ProTeam Supreme

Easy to apply powdered formula , EPA registered algaistat Specialized water buffers to help with water balance Blended with corrosion inhibi...[Click to read more]

Multi Magic Shock

Multi use shock: Oxidizes, sanitizes, clarifies, buffers Powered by Dupont Oxone. Blended with pH buffers and clarifier Compatible with all ...[Click to read more]

Quick Shock

56% available stabilized chlorine. Quick dissolving granular particles Benefits: Granules are totally soluble. Strong algae killer. Easy to ...[Click to read more]

Shock & Swim (Oxidizer)

Non-chlorine oxidizer will not raise chlorine levels Removes all combined chlorine (chloramines) Compatible with pools using chlorine, bro...[Click to read more]

Tile & Vinyl Cleaner

Does not affect pool chemistry. Non-abrasive formula Professional strength. Leaves a microscopic protective layer Benefits: Easy to use, ...[Click to read more]

Filter Magic

Complex formula contains wetting agents, surfactants, cleaning compounds and release agents Quickly loosens and removes oils, combined orga...[Click to read more]

Metal Magic

Removes metals and stains caused by metals in pool water Can help to remove and prevents scale buildup Removes metals such as iron, copper...[Click to read more]

Lithium Shock

Can be used in any pool, ideal for vinyl liner pools Dissolves rapidly to prevent bleaching of pool surface. Leaves no residue Benefits: ...[Click to read more]


Unique copper blend Heavily chelated to prevent staining on surfaces Works in chlorine or bromine sanitized pools Performance increases a...[Click to read more]

Mustard & Black Magic

Effective against all algae types; highly effective against mustard algae , Sanitizer exciter Benefits: Simple and small dosages needed R...[Click to read more]


Non-staining, low foaming solution Compatible with all forms of sanitizer 50% Quatunm based algaecide; strong solution Benefits: Economi...[Click to read more]

Pool Magic

Pool Magic+PHOSfree is ideal to treat your pool at the beginning and end of each season as well as reducing phosphates at any time as the fi...[Click to read more]

Micro Floc

Non-metallic, non-staining and non-foaming unique clarifying formula Not affected by shock treatments or high chlorine levels Compatible w...[Click to read more]

Pool Perfect PhosFree

Regular pool maintenance is easy with Natural Chemistry’s Pool Perfect + PHOSfree. The outstanding benefits of our SMARTZyme technolog...[Click to read more]

Phos Free

Most effective way to remove phosphates Works in the filter (no clouding of the pool water) Reduces phosphates down to near zero Reduces ...[Click to read more]

Pool Magic Spring & Fall phos free

Provides fast and easy opening and closings! Use Pool Magic + PHOSfree at both opening and closing to reduce the time and effort needed to ...[Click to read more]

Power Magic

Patented Calcibor® chemistry provides superior sanitation Does not cause over stabilization in pool water Buffers pH and alkalinity C...[Click to read more]

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