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Increases buoyancy of organic materials in water. High powered oxidizer. Removes ALL chlorine and bromine from pool water. Compatible with all pool surfaces Benefits: Raises leaves and organic debris from the bottom of the pool to the surface for removal; saving manual labor time Virtually immediate reaction in the water. Compatible with all sanitizers. Will not bleach or stain the surface of the pool Applications: Before application, if neccessary, adjust pH to 7.2 With pump off add 1 pound per 1,000 gallons of pool water by broadcasting over entire pool surface. Immediately add 3/4 pound of ProTeam pH Down for every pound of ProTeam System Support added. Remove any debris floating to and on the surface of the water; then turn pump on and run 24 -48 hours. Clean filter and vacuum if needed Repeat treatment if needed for a severely fouled pool

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10 lb. $41.99 25 lb. $79.99

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