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Hot Springs® Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

Hot Springs® Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

Keep Your Hot Spring Spa in Pristine Condition: A Guide to Water Maintenance

Maintaining your hot tub is crucial for extending its life and ensuring a safe, enjoyable experience. With Hot Spring Spas, routine upkeep is streamlined, but knowing how to tackle common water issues will keep your spa inviting year-round.

Tackle Cloudy Water Cloudiness can arise from residues like soap and lotions. Regularly add water clarifiers and balance sanitizers to clear it up. Find the perfect clarifier for your spa here.

Prevent Algae and Bacteria Inadequate sanitization could lead to unwanted growth. Utilize shock treatments and maintain filter hygiene. For effective sanitizers and shocks, explore options here.

Combat Scale Buildup Hard water can leave mineral deposits. Employ demineralizers or scale inhibitors and keep your water’s pH in check. Select your water softening solutions here.

Eliminate Foam Foam often results from detergents or beauty products. Use anti-foam agents and encourage pre-soak showers. Anti-foam products are available here.

Eradicate Odors Bad smells indicate bacteria or chemical imbalances. Regular spa shocks and proper chemical treatments can resolve this. For odor-eliminating products, click here.

Routine Checks and Balances Weekly: Test and adjust pH and sanitizer levels. Monthly: Clean filters and spa covers with the right cleaners, found here. Quarterly: Drain, refill, and deep clean the tub shell. Seasonally: Adapt maintenance for weather and usage changes.

Maintaining your Hot Spring Spa is a breeze with the right products and a little know-how. By following this guide and using the recommended products, you’ll ensure your spa remains a relaxing oasis for years to come.

Hot Springs® Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

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