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Vista Above Ground Pool

A testament to pool innovation and engineering

Atlantic Pools "Vista" model is a testament to the innovation and engineering prowess that has elevated swimming pool design to new heights.

The Atlantic Pools "Vista" model stands out as an exceptional example of modern swimming pool engineering and design. At the heart of its construction lies a remarkable material - aluminum. This extraordinary choice sets the Vista model apart from many other conventional pool designs, and for good reason.

Pound for pound, aluminum demonstrates a remarkable strength that outperforms steel and resin, making it an ideal choice for the task of containing the immense pressure exerted by thousands of pounds of water. In fact, aluminum boasts twice the strength of steel and even surpasses resin in terms of durability. This unique property of aluminum is the key to the Vista model's ability to endure the considerable hydrostatic force that a pool must withstand.

Aluminum's inherent strength empowers the Vista model to confidently meet the challenge of maintaining the structural integrity and safety of the pool even under the most demanding conditions. Whether it's a residential pool where families enjoy leisurely swims or a commercial setting where numerous patrons frequent the pool, the Vista model's aluminum construction ensures that it will remain sturdy, secure, and reliable.

Available Round Sizes

15' | 18' | 21' | 24' | 27' | 30'

Available Oval Sizes

15' x 24' | 15' x 30' | 18' x 33'



  • All-aluminum construction, including wall
  • Slip-resistant finish on coping
  • Painted aluminum bottom track
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Top and bottom clips made from extruded aluminum
Vista Swimming Structure

Delta 300 Support System

  • Oval pools only
  • Incorporates aluminum tie bars and a water plate
  • Provides exceptional structural integrity for oval pools
  • Eliminates the need for side struts
  • Engineered to ensure maximum swimming area on minimal space
Vista Swimming Pool Support System

Wall Closure Bars

  • Corrugated aluminum walls held fast by extruded aluminum alloy
  • Designed for maximum resitance to pressure
  • Cutting-edge engineering using leading materials.
Vista Swimming Pool Wall Closure Bars

Patented Liner Receiver

  • Holds pool liner snug to prevent slippage, damage
  • Integral part of leading-edge pool design
  • Ensures long liner life and easy maintenance.
Vista Swimming Pool Liner Receiver

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