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100% No-Bypass Filtration

All the water is filtered all the time, and exclusive, high-flow Tri-X® filters help keep water crystal clear.

Hot Spring Spas' 100% No-Bypass Filtration ensures that every drop of water in the Highlife® Collection spa is consistently filtered, eliminating instances where water could bypass the filtration system during high jet usage — precisely when filtration is most needed. This system employs the exclusive high-flow Tri-X® filters, which boast a more effective filtration area, designed to filter a significantly greater volume of water. This meticulous attention to water quality demonstrates Hot Spring Spas' commitment to providing a superior, clean, and safe soaking experience.

100% No-Bypass Filtration

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Highlife® Collection

For those who demand the very best in relaxation and wellness, the Hot Springs® Highlife® collection stands as the pinnacle of luxury in the world of hot tubs.

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