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Dual-Action Filtration

The unique two-filter design provides for more effective and constant filtration to keep water cleaner with less maintenance.

The "Dual Action Filtration" feature by Hot Spring Spas represents a step forward in spa water treatment technology. By employing a dual-filter arrangement, the system divides the task of water purification between two distinct filters, each specialized for different functions. The first filter is aligned with the circulation pump, focusing on continuous water cleaning, thus ensuring that the spa water remains pristine throughout its use. The second filter comes into play when the jets are activated, targeting the debris and impurities introduced during dynamic water movement. This division of labor between the filters not only boosts the overall filtration area, leading to exceptionally clean water, but also streamlines the maintenance process. The filters can work more efficiently and potentially have a longer life span, reducing the frequency of filter cleaning and replacement. This innovative approach, available specifically in the Limelight® Collection, offers spa owners a luxurious experience with the practical benefit of easier upkeep, encapsulating Hot Spring Spas' dedication to combining high performance with user-friendly operation.

Dual-Action Filtration

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