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FiberCor® Insulation

Exclusive insulation with a density four times greater than the half-pound foam used in most spas helps lock in heat and save energy cost.

Hot Spring Spas' Fibercor® Insulation is a proprietary technology that sets a new standard in hot tub insulation. Unlike traditional foam, Fibercor® is an advanced, wool-like material that is flexible and dense, allowing it to be fed into every nook and cranny of the spa cabinet, ensuring comprehensive coverage without any gaps or thermal voids. This method results in insulation that is four times denser than standard half-pound foam, providing superior heat retention and energy efficiency.

This innovation is not just about energy conservation; it also caters to the longevity and cleanliness of the spa. Being an inorganic material, Fibercor® inherently resists mold and mildew, which can be a common issue in the warm and moist environment of a hot tub​​. The full and even dispersion of this insulation means that the spa maintains a consistent temperature, reducing the energy required to heat the water and thereby offering cost savings over time.

FiberCor® Insulation

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Hot Spot® Collection

With a Hot Spot Collection spa, you can be confident your investment will help you maximize every day, for years to come.

Limelight® Collection

Limelight Collection spas stand out from the crowd. Best-in-class features and a legendary Hot Spring® experience make these spas a cut above the rest.

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