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Hot Springs Freshwater® Salt System

A revolution in water care that helps you spend more time enjoying your spa and less time maintaining it.

Saltwater chlorine generators, such as the FreshWater® Salt System*, are the ultimate in modern hot tub water care. These systems generate chlorine automatically from low levels of salt in your hot tub's water. With this method, the FreshWater® Salt System can keep the water in your hot tub fresh and clean for up to a year of normal use**—far longer than other systems can.

With this reliable and largely automatic system, an owner's time and effort are minimized. The FreshWater® Salt System is available on all 2019 Hot Spring® Highlife® Collection and Limelight® Collection spas. As with other water treatment systems, an additional mineral sanitizer such as the FreshWater Mineral Spa Sanitizer*** continuous silver ion purifier inhibits bacteria and helps maintain a neutral pH for softer, more balanced water when used in conjunction with the FreshWater® Salt System.

Hot Springs Freshwater® Salt System

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