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ProTeam Spa Brominating Tabs

Available Sizes 1.5 lb. cylinder (12 per case) 4 lb pail ( 8 per case)


  • Proven, reliable sanitizing for safe spa or hot tub operation
  • Spa Brominating Tabs are the best sanitizer for warm, heavily used water environments.


  • Unlike chlorine, bromine is effective regardless of the pH level in water.
  • Bromine continuously sanitizes the water regardless of conditions, which makes it the superior choice in spas
  • Spa Brominating Tabs do not deteriorate in storage
  • Lower odor than chlorine maintenance


  • Initial bromine level should range between 3-5 ppm
  • Fill bromine dispenser with Spa Brominating Tabs and adjust levels
  • Add bromine tablets as needed, frequency will be determined by bather usage, spa brand, etc.
ProTeam Spa Brominating Tabs

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