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Wireless Remote Control

Operate spa functions from any seat in the spa and up to 30 feet away with this unique, easy-to-read color touchscreen.

Hot Spring Spas' Wireless Remote Control epitomizes modern convenience and technological innovation in spa management. Through the Connected Spa Kit and the accompanying mobile app, users gain unparalleled control over their spa experience. Whether you're home or away, you can monitor your spa's status, adjust settings such as water temperature, jets, and lighting, and even manage the FreshWater® Salt System. Additionally, the system allows for the setting up of guest users, ensuring your spa can be monitored by others when needed. This remote control capability not only adds ease to the operation but also offers a layer of security by managing spa lock functions to prevent unauthorized use. It's a feature that underscores Hot Spring Spas' dedication to integrating smart technology for a seamless and customizable spa experience

Wireless Remote Control

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